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Most micro foams or macro bubbles are mainly formed by gas in liquid, which come from production or grinding or application process. Generally, these bubbles or foams are caused by various surfactants, high system surface tension and high system viscosity. The bubbles or foams during production process or coating drying process will greatly influence the film appearance and performance of the coatings or inks. 

How to solve these typical technical problems? And, how to balance defoaming and compatibility in formulations? GSCHEM not only provides a series of environmentally efficient anti-foaming agent and defoamers which can effectively control foam but also help our customers improve product quality. We are offering different defoamer with high performance like mineral oil-based defoamer, silicone based defoamer, polyester based defoamer etc. If you want more product specifics and details, please refer to our product catalogue or contact our technical sales by email.

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